Julie Fader

Outside In

BY Vish KhannaPublished Sep 21, 2009

Gifted songwriter/musical gun for hire Julie Fader patiently waited to offer up her debut full-length, and it's safe to say that, with the star-studded Outside In, the deliberation was worth it. If Fader's name is familiar it's because she's spent many years bolstering the work of Sarah Harmer, Attack in Black, Chad VanGaalen and Great Lake Swimmers, amongst others, with her voice and chops as a multi-instrumentalist. Live, Fader's beguiling voice and finely chosen musical textures have struck every kind of crowd dumb, suddenly held in the sway of her siren songs. With contributions from the aforementioned collaborators and Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh producing, Outside In is a gorgeous document of Fader's dreamy aesthetic. Equally bold and fragile, she's a commanding presence on mysterious things like "Maps" and heart-wrenching affairs like "Flights" and "Middle of the Night." With all the poise of a great artist, Julie Fader has arrived with Outside In.
(Hand Drawn Dracula)

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