Julian Marley Awake

The British Marley brother turns in an overly average showing on his third album that at times, begs the question: does he have more musical credentials than just his surname? "Boom Draw" is every herb song you've ever heard, "On the Floor" is a throwaway, R&B-inspired track about people dancing on the floor (where else do they dance?) and "Rosehall" benefits from a nice roots reggae riddim but lyrically Julian has very little to offer us that hasn't already been said better on the plethora of Jezebel reggae songs that have come before. The best performance is by brother Damian, who manages to lift "Violence in the Streets" above a simple colour-by-numbers urban tale. The son does his best to sound like his dad on "A Little Too Late" and, overall, that's the problem: Ziggy, Stephen and Damian have all found their own sound. Perhaps it is time for Julian to do the same. (Tuff Gong)