The Secret

BY Bill WhishPublished Jan 24, 2008

Amongst the seemingly endless stream of bands looking to capitalise on the new wave of American metal, it’s kind of nice to see a band from the U.S. tone it down a few notches from the metal mainstream and stick to a more European sound. North Carolina’s Jonin still posses the all-too-familiar chugging rhythm that many of their contemporaries choose to employ, but the insertion of some flashes of melody, as well as the choice to stick to a singular vocal style, makes The Secret a little bit different. As a whole, the sound isn’t exactly outstanding as much as it is refreshingly different, but kudos have to be given for Jonin’s attempt to stand out. The sound is best compared to more modern Soilwork songs but using all cleaner, comprehensible vocals, similar to the actual singing that’s heard from Killswitch Engage, at times. Props also have to be given for including vocalist Matt Rudzinski of the always elusive and sample-happy Killwhitneydead for a brief vocal spell on "Shameless.”

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