The Joneses Criminal History Revisited

These days, every band that recorded over 20 years ago claims to have been the forbearers of something. They all inspired generations and carved out a new piece of rock'n'roll despite us having never heard of them. They're generally full of shit, except when it comes to L.A.-based glam punks the Joneses. Incited by the Stooges, MC5 and Ramones, surprisingly they made the sleazy '80s Strip their home. Therefore, these boys are quite possibly the true frontrunners of the punk'n'roll genre currently overseen by the Supersuckers, Electric Frankenstein and Zeke. Uncomplicated three-chord riffs bounce off of loose and upbeat, yet sloppy, drums as an endless stream of hooky choruses babble away. Horribly recorded in what seems to be a tin can, it's loud, raucous and overbearing. In other words, to a brash punker, psychobilly freak, rocker or open-minded metal head, Criminal History Revisited is brilliant decadence. This is one of the few times a band are actually deserving of more praise than they were awarded at the time. (Full Breach Kicks)