Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Bag of Bones" (video)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 'Bag of Bones' (video)
Prior to the release of Meat and Bone, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion teased us with the bloozey tune "Bag of Bones." The band have now given the crunchy, harmonica-honkin' album track a smarmy animated clip.

The video finds Spencer and co. raising a ruckus on the streets, sticking it to cigarette-puffin' kiddies and stompin' on the hoods of automobiles. It gets even wilder once Spencer and drummer Russell Simins start a punch-up at a local discotheque.

Guitarist Judah Bauer, meanwhile, plays it cool while wooing a mutant lady. The in-the-flesh outfit make a brief live-action cameo, and you can catch the funky multimedia extravaganza, directed by Lucy Dyson and Joseph Jensen, down below.