Jon Bryant Premieres "Paradise" Video

The song appears on his new album 'Cult Classic'
Jon Bryant Premieres 'Paradise' Video
Halifax-born, Vancouver-based artist Jon Bryant is gearing up for his debut full-length for Nettwerk, Cult Classic. But before that arrives, he's treated his new single "Paradise" to a video.

The clip is set in a desert, with a hitchhiking protagonist grabbing a ride from more than a few Jon Bryants. In fact, Bryant takes on a seriously huge amount of roles throughout the video. And while we don't want to spoil the ending, we will say not all is what it seems.

See what we mean by watching the video for "Paradise" for yourself down below.

Speaking of "Paradise," Bryant has this to say of the song: "It's primarily about going your own way. Instead of following, you leave your safety net, the tribe construct of safety, and chase your passion without being swayed by opinions. At the same time, you do so with the people you love. That's where life makes the most sense."

As for Cult Classic as a whole, Bryant says, "Over the past few years I've really become a skeptic. Thanks to social media, politics, religion and news media, etc. Many songs on the album reflect that skepticism and emphasize the ways I've evolved as both a writer and person; spiritually, mentally and emotionally."

The album was written from his experiences of joining and then leaving a cult.

Stay tuned for further details on Cult Classic as they become available.