Jon Boling aka Skatch MC Sincerity: The Soundtrack to Life

This is essentially a demo tape. Jon Boling aka Skatch MC wrote, produced and arranged the entire project, which runs little over half-an-hour. On the mic, Skatch is a peculiar mix of Slug of Atmosphere, Danny Brown and Ab-Soul. He takes a spiritual approach to most songs, placing great emphasis on his delivery to detail a rise from youthful restlessness to O.G. reflection. In other words, Skatch went from causing scuffles in South Minneapolis to smoking dope and snorting lines to gaining perspective and telling us about it. On "Check It Out," Skatch rhymes with much pathos about overcoming a life of darkness, in crime and drugs, while healing himself through music. The beat is both triumphant and melancholic, blending traditional piano with airy synths and violin sections. On "Time To Zone," Skatch's father, Dr. D, provides the backdrop for his son's lyrical autobiography. Skatch raps about conquering many of life's challenges, such as smoking weed, over uplifting chimes and his daddy's electric guitar. Although Sincerity is a demo, it can still be musically rewarding. Jon Boling aka Skatch MC proves that can be a serious rapper, make good beats and spit from the soul. He just needs to work on his timing, as there are occasions when Skatch doesn't rap to the beat. Also, a demo tape should not aspire to be a masterpiece. Just saying. (Independent)