Jokers of the Scene "Stoned in Death Valley" (video)

Jokers of the Scene 'Stoned in Death Valley' (video)
Toronto duo Jokers of the Scene's upcoming End Scene LP was previously described in a press release as having been partly inspired by "decades of VHS-addled film music." True to their word, a new video for the set's "Stoned in Death Valley" meshes ambient washes with the bleeding-colours distortion of a vintage home video.

The tune is mellow, focusing at times on whale-moan guitar calls and others on more percussive, though melodious, electronic patterns. Visually, we're treated to shots of barren landscapes and a nicely framed tree, though the jittery tracking on the old school VHS player we assume this was mixed on does its best to cover all of this up. Piece together what you can down below.

Throne of Kanada [a merger between Throne of Blood and New Kanada] delivers End Scene on vinyl May 26, and digitally the following week.