Johnny Sizzle Johnny Sizzle

Canada's most notorious and eccentric nerd rock hero returns once more to induce seizures and spasms upon the masses and to remind the public that a good nerd is hard to kill. From the streets of Winnipeg, Montreal, Sudbury, Toronto, New York and Vancouver, Johnny Sizzle has survived homelessness and his own foul devices to continually wreak havoc with his ultra-indie nerd rock. This time around, Johnny has expanded his musical horizons and added a new element of obscurity to his music via drum machines, synthesisers and bass. Although it's still primarily him, his guitar, his nasally whine and his William S. Burroughs-inspired visions, this is a Johnny Sizzle of the new millennium. With Sizzle's art career (painting with sperm and of drag queens he's fucked) and with songs like "Ohh Sexy Poulet," "Ron Jeremy for President," "I'm a Nerd" and "Biggie Biggie Beach Bum," it's a pleasant surprise that the likes of Crash Test Dummie Benjamin Darvill found Johnny Sizzle and released him. Whether you take him seriously or not, Johnny Sizzle is a demigod of his own nature, and his obnoxious acoustic/techno Sex Pistols approach to nerd rock can't be touched with a 50-foot pole. (Husky)