John Peel's Record Collection Begins to Go Online

John Peel's Record Collection Begins to Go Online
Do you think you've got a cool record collection? We guarantee that it's nothing compared to that of late British radio DJ John Peel, whose massive collection is so awesome that the British Arts Council and the BBC recently confirmed plans to turn it into an online archive. Now, the project to digitize Peel's collection has officially begun.

Peel's collection includes approximately 26,000 LPs and 40,000 singles, but only a fraction of those are now online. If you head over to the newly launched website, called the Space, you can browse the first 100 records beginning with "A." That will take you from the A's to Adam and the Ants.

This is the beginning of a gradual unrolling, which will see the first 100 from each letter released between now and October 1. There's no word as to when the subsequent albums from each letter will arrive.

Unfortunately, this project isn't quite as awesome as we first thought, since you can't actually listen to all of the albums. Yes, some of the albums are on SoundCloud, but others link to iTunes or Spotify (the latter of which is unavailable in Canada), while still more are apparently unavailable online.

Still, it's pretty neat to browse around his shelves and see the notecard he wrote for each album, especially since the website also includes photos, radio shows, video content, Peel Sessions, and more.

Check out the Space here.