John Peel's Record Collection to Be Turned into Online Archive

John Peel's Record Collection to Be Turned into Online Archive
Iconic British radio DJ John Peel, who died in 2004 at the age of 65, was one of the music world's preeminent tastemakers for decades, so there's no doubt that he must have had one of the coolest record collections ever. Well, fans looking for a glimpse into Peel's music library will get just that when the Arts Council and the BBC turn his collection into an online museum.

Eye Film and Television's Frank Prendergast said [via NME], "The idea is to digitally recreate John's home studio and record collection, which users will be able to interact with and contribute to, while viewing Peel's personal notes, archive performances and new filmed interviews with musicians."

The project will reportedly encompass 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and thousands of CDs. Peel's wife Sheila Ravenscroft said, "We're very happy that we've finally found a way to make John's amazing collection available to his fans, as he would have wanted. This project is only the beginning of something very exciting."

The music will be made available through an experimental digital music service called the Space. We're assuming that all of the music will be streaming, so we can't even imagine how many copyright negotiations will be going into the project.

The Space will run from May to October of this year. It will be compatible with home computers and smart phones, although there's no word as to whether fans will be able to access it in Canada, nor exactly what the service will entail.