John Maus Unveils Full Details of Upcoming LP, Shares New Track

John Maus Unveils Full Details of Upcoming LP, Shares New Track
Last month, lo-fi electro pop outsider John Maus let us know that his cryptically titled new album, We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, is heading our way sometime soon. Now, he has confirmed all the pertinent details.

On June 28, Ribbon Music will release the album in North America. In Europe and the UK, it will drop a day earlier via Upset the Rhythm. That's the striking cover art above.

The Austin, MN-based songwriter wrote and recorded We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves while working towards his PhD in political science. A press release offers this description of Maus's sound: "Questing synthesizers, tensely strung bass lines and chasing drum machines providing the perfect backdrop for John's deeply resonant reverb-drenched vocal."

The new album promises to be harder-hitting than his often dreamy past works, as "The shirt pulling and air punching of his impassioned live performance is finally captured in all its frenzied appeal alongside a tender inner space that wasn't as apparent on his previous albums. It's a record where promise takes the lead for the first time, providing a counterpoint to John's default existential calling."

You can hear what this sounds like in the form of the album track "Quantum Leap," which is streaming (and can be downloaded) below. You can also read some track descriptions over at Upset the Rhythm's website, where you will find adjectives like "dystopian," "ridiculous" and "delicate."

We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves:

1. "Street Light"
2. "Quantum Leap"
3. "And the Rain"
4. "Hey Moon" (ft. Molly Nilsson)
5. "Keep Pushing On"
6. "The Crucifix"
7. "Head for the Country"
8. "Cop Killer"
9. "Matter of Fact"
10. "Breakthrough"
11. "Believer"