John Lydon Reforms Public Image Limited

John Lydon Reforms Public Image Limited
John Lydon says it's only for a few shows around England but as the history of reunions - sorry, "coming off hiatus" - would dictate, small stints are usually just a feeler to see if a full-scale tour is viable.

That's our reserved take on Lydon's announcement that he will be reforming post-Sex Pistols, and far more productive, outfit Public Image Limited for a series of shows around the UK this December.

According to his website, the reformation is based on the 30th anniversary of PiL's seminal effort, Metal Box, but will not be solely dedicated to it. The set list will feature tracks from the group's other seven full-lengths. Lydon will be joined by former members Lu Edmonds (guitar) and Bruce Smith (drums), with the addition of new bassist Scott Firth.

Despite the inevitable aura of "cash grab" or "nostalgia" that will permeate this venture, we'll take it. Hopefully enough people have the brains to buy a ticket, stroke the PiL ego and compel them to get over to North America.

Here are the dates, if you find some disposable cash:

12/15 Birmingham, England -€“ 02 Academy
12/16 Leeds, England -€“ 02 Academy
12/18 Glasgow, Scotland - 02 Academy
12/19 Manchester, England - 02 Academy
12/21 London, England - 02 Academy