John Frusciante Streams 'Enclosure' by Launching Album into Space

John Frusciante Streams 'Enclosure' by Launching Album into Space
Since leaving Red Hot Chili Peppers, guitarist John Frusciante's music has got more ambitiously experimental, and now he's revealed his most outlandish idea yet. With his new solo album Enclosure due out on April 8 through Record Collection, he's offering a full-album stream by launching a satellite into space.

A press release notes that the 10-song record was loaded onto an "experimental Cube Satellite called Sat-JF14 and launched into space aboard an Interorbital Systems' NEPTUNE Modular Rocket."

Over at Frusciante's website, fans can download a mobile app for iOS or Android that tracks the satellite's movement. When the satellite is above a user's geographic location, the music will be unlocked and the album will available to stream for free. There is also a social chat platform that allows users to communicate while listening to the music.

This preview will last until midnight on April 7. The project was developed by Frusciante's label, along with Brazilian creative agency Loducca.

"This partnership with John Frusciante, Record Collection and Loducca represents a new chapter in our quest to further explore the cosmic relationship between science and art," says Interorbital Systems boss Randa Milliron in a statement. "Enclosure is a musical masterpiece and we're thrilled to be able to utilize our proprietary space technology to facilitate this unprecedented form of space-enhanced distribution."

Download the app here and watch a video about the project below.