John Floreani Sin

John Floreani Sin
John Floreani, singer for Australian punk band Trophy Eyes, can do no wrong. His first full-length album, Sin, is the followup to 2014's Terrance EP that fans have been patiently awaiting for five years.
Floreani writes music from the heart, and this album is no different. Sin features eight incredible tracks with hard-hitting lyrics that discuss betrayal, heartache, loneliness and addiction. If you enjoy self-inflicted sadness, this is the album for you.
The album opens with "Oh Brother," an song that gives listeners a glimpse into a tumultuous relationship with a brotherly figure who took his unconditional love for granted. Floreani resents the person for not trying harder to make something out of the bad hand they were both dealt.
Single "Echoes" is a beautiful ode to his girlfriend, who stuck with him these past few years, having faith that they would make it. "I Don't Want to Be Here Either," a piano ballad convincing a suicidal friend to stay alive, closes out the flawless album.
Sin contains the best music Floreani has ever released, and everything about it is perfect. Fans of Trophy Eyes who have an affinity for folk and indie rock will love this album. (Hopeless)