John Doe For the Best of Us

If you look at John Doe’s latest and wonder, "Haven’t I seen this before?” well, you have. In 1998 Doe released For the Rest of Us, a loud and lo-fi collection of tunes recorded with Beck’s backing band. At the time people weren’t sure what to make of Doe without his band X, especially after he released the underwhelming Kissingsohard. Now, with three memorable albums behind him, Doe’s ready to revisit the disc that really helped solidify his solo career. On For the Best of Us, Doe takes the EP’s original five tracks and adds another five taken from the same session to create one of his finest works. The originals are as raw and emotional as ever and the new tracks are equally tough and inspiring. Of the addition tracks, "Zero” is one of the best, as it features Doe’s soaring voice at its grittiest. (Yep Roc)