John Carpenter Announces 'Lost Themes II'

John Carpenter Announces 'Lost Themes II'
Horror master John Carpenter recently revealed that he has no plans to slow down, juggling four future television projects. In addition to his screen work, though, he's also been keeping busy on the musical side of things, as a sequel to 2015's Lost Themes has just been announced.
Aptly titled Lost Themes II, the follow-up record is due out on April 15 via Sacred Bones.
Lost Themes heard the filmmaker and composer branching out into non-soundtrack music for the first time, and the sequel continues that pattern. His son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies returned as co-writers, though they actually worked together in the same city this time around, as opposed to collaborating over the Internet. Closer quarters resulted in a more focused record, that was made on a shorter schedule — "not unlike Carpenter's classic, notoriously low-budget early films," as noted in a press release.
And while the new compositions are still primarily led by Carpenters' synth work, the songs are filled out with more acoustic and electric guitar than its predecessors. Despite the lack of accompanying visuals, Lost Themes II continues to channel the sci-fi and horror-tinged energy that Carpenter is known for, but instead allows listeners "to score the movies in their minds."
Find the full tracklisting for the upcoming album below.
Lost Themes II:
1. Distant Dream
2. White Pulse
3. Persia Rising
4. Angel's Asylum
5. Hofner Dawn
6. Windy Death
7. Dark Blues
8. Virtual Survivor
9. Bela Lugosi
10. Last Sunrise
11. Utopian Facade