John Cale Preps 'Extra Playful' EP

John Cale Preps 'Extra Playful' EP
From his sonic experiments in the '60s, to his time spent with the Velvet Underground, straight through to his genre-jumping solo career, John Cale has seemingly tried it all. Apparently, that isn't the case, though, as the musician has announced another wild foray into the world of art rock.

The new EP, cheekily titled Extra Playful, finds Cale still willing to push the boundaries of pop music. A press release from Domino subsidiary Double Six, who will release the twelve-inch EP August 8 in the UK, states that "Extra Playful leaps from Pop's edge with glee, freewheeling through springy beats, snaking, shonky guitar lines and zones of exciting texture."

The celebrated artist's lyrics for the five-song effort are said to be similarly giddy, with his charming voice alternately shifting "from richly poetic to extra playful."

The one-sheet continues, "He's asking you to have fun with him and who can say no when he's offering whimsical art rock this fine, beguiling and invigorating?"

Guess we'll have to wait for August to find out, but the expected short answer is "not many."

Extra Playful:

1. "Catastrofuk"

2. "Whaddya Mean By That?"

3. "Hey Ray"

4. "Pile A L'Heure"

5. "Perfection"