Joey Landreth Whiskey

Joey Landreth Whiskey
Joey Landreth's first solo album may only be a half-hour long, but it's full of folk charm and charismatic blues.
For those familiar with Landreth's work in his Juno Award-winning band the Bros. Landreth, Whiskey will feel familiar, albeit with more of an emphasis on songwriting and vocals. Landreth's singing shines throughout the record thanks to its captivating warmth and some superb harmonies.
Landreth's guitar work is a bit more subdued on Whiskey, with his electrifying solos coming in short bursts rather than elongated jams, but it contributes nicely to the overall feel of the album. There are slide licks and short leads all over Whiskey, which make the few times Landreth lets loose with soaring overdrive on tracks like "Still Feel Gone" that much more satisfying.
Whiskey was recorded in Landreth's hometown of Winnipeg, produced by Murray Pulver and masterfully engineered by Paul Yee.
It's warm and lively, with lush reverb and gorgeous layering, showing impressive balance on more intricate tracks like "Gone Girl."
It's intimate, too, with enthralling dynamics and myriad guitar tones.
Landreth plays with a range of sounds here, from muted acoustic strumming to flurries of huge distortion, keeping things fresh across Whiskey's seven tracks. Landreth has crafted a genuine-sounding album infused with soul and maturity that's worth a good, long listen. (Cadence)