Lagwagon's Joey Cape Unveils 'Stitch Puppy' Solo Album

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 10, 2015

Lagwagon singer Joey Cape is going back to his solo career, having announced he'll be issuing a record called Stitch Puppy in a couple of months. Longtime label Fat Wreck Chords puts this pooch into stores September 4.

While Lagwagon released Hang in 2014, this is his first official solo album since 2011's Doesn't Play Well with Others. It's explained in a press release that the set tackles "the problems that affect many an aging punk," including concepts of mortality.

Cape himself explains that the title refers to a doll that his daughter made him a few years back. The cover art, which can be seen up above, finds the punk musician dressed identically to the tiny stitched figure. Apparently, Stitch Puppy has made a profound impact on Cape's day-to-day.

"It's a sort of Victorian mourning doll," he said in a statement. "Stitch is my most prized possession. Put it this way, if my house were to burn down, after my family and the animals, Stitch would be top priority."

He added of the conceptual approach to Stitch Puppy:

My idea to wear his costume stems from years of thinking of him as some representation of purity, loss and the strength that follows. Stitch Puppy seems to be alone, which is the way it feels to mourn the loss someone you love or to be abandoned, stood up. We are all disappointed by life's disloyalties and losses but somehow the wiser for them. We transform from victim to guide. We are witness to these things and the beauty in between. That's it. That's how I see Stitch Puppy. Not defeated. Simply the wise witness I aim to be.

Audio previews from the set have yet to be delivered, but you'll find the full tracklisting down below.

Cape also recently unveiled plans for a  a solo tour, which will hit Canadian clubs between BC and Quebec. You'll find the full details over here.

Stitch Puppy:

1. Me the Witness
2. This Life IS Strange
3. Gone Baby Gone
4. Spill My Guts
5. St. Mary's
6. Broken
7. Cope
8. Faultlines
9. Moral Compass
10. Tracks

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