Joël Brings a Post-Rock Feel to R&B on 'Grunge Gospel – Side B'

Joël Brings a Post-Rock Feel to R&B on 'Grunge Gospel – Side B'
Joël wastes no time. Less than a year after his debut EP, Grunge Gospel – Side A, the Toronto-based R&B singer has graced us with Grunge Gospel – Side B, a beautiful continuation of his genre-bending catalogue.

Side B starts with a heavy drop which lets us sink into the whole EP, which is generally a smooth ride filled with R&B hallmarks and a post-rock feel. Standout track "No Mileage" is cruising music that keep listeners engaged with its sultry lyrics and a steady pulse that keeps heads bumping throughout the track.

"WOES" marks a clear transition in the project with heavy instrumentals that sometimes threaten to drown out Joël's vocals. In contrast, "In Place" is a slower melody that strips down the instrumentation and reveals a minimal but artful arrangement.The project closes with "So Blue" which, as the title suggests, evokes feelings of sadness, melancholy, and downright regret.

In "So Blue," Joël claims to have lost himself in his past relationship: "I didn't know me when I was with you," he sings, in an ode to many relationship battles and blunders. Overall, listeners may find themselves gravitating towards this EP if they are in an emotional state and burrowed deep into their love-seat with someone to love — or not. (Independent)