Jody Glenham and the Dreamers "RSVP" / "Ill Wind"

Jody Glenham and the Dreamers 'RSVP' / 'Ill Wind'
Whether intentional or by pure happenstance, Vancouver's Jody Glenham is set to follow up 2014's Dreamer EP with a 7-inch release that finds her supported by backup band the Dreamers. Physical copies of their two-song "RSVP"/"Ill Wind" for Kingfisher Bluez land next week, but you can hear both tracks online now.

As you'll discover in the player down below, "RSVP" is a morphine-drip of Mazzy Star-styled mood rock, replete with hazy six-string strums and melancholy vocal harmonies ("you told me you didn't miss me"). "Ill Wind" picks up the pace with its initial rumbling tom-tom rhythms, which later locks into a dreamy groove.

The 7-inch comes in a limited pressing of 300 on "peacock coloured vinyl." Glenham will have them on-hand for a pair of local shows next week.

Tour dates:

06/30 Vancouver, BC - the Cobalt *
07/02 Vancouver, BC - China Cloud

*with Christopher Owens