Joanna Newsom Quashes Simpsons Cameo Rumours

Joanna Newsom Quashes <i>Simpsons</i> Cameo Rumours
When news sprang yesterday (October 19) of Joanna Newsom’s upcoming cameo on The Simpsons, many of us animation-appreciating indie rock fans thought the pairing was too good to be true. Yes, there have been tons of musicians that have made their mark on the town of Springfield — including Sonic Youth, the White Stripes and Robert Goulet — but the thought of the quirky harpist’s presence on the show had us wringing our hands manically, exclaiming all Mr. Burns-like: “Excellent!” Much to our chagrin, the singer has soured the whole thing by issuing a statement to let us know no such appearance will take place.

A statement from Newsom explains that news of the cameo, which had been hinted at but ultimately removed from an article in Malibu Magazine, was about as fictional as the Simpsons family.

"Regrettably, the awesome rumour of my upcoming cameo on The Simpsons is unfounded,” Newsom said.

The indie harpist did crack-wise about the affair, however, pointing out how eerily similar her youthful croon is to the brainiest of the Simpsons clan.

“I remain, however, steadfast as always in my commitment to the character of Lisa, whom I have of course had the privilege of voicing for the last 21 years, in my dreams. Thanks for the memories, gang!" 

While the concept of the cartoon collaboration has been nixed, we can at least still enjoy creator Matt Groening’s Simpsons-esque portrait of the singer, which he drew during last May’s ATP Festival, and imagine what could have been.