JJ Voss

Come Along With Me

BY Scott RoosPublished Mar 19, 2020

Come Along With Me, the third release from Saskatchewan-based country rocker JJ Voss, is a thought-provoking journey of unorthodox subject material that is a side step from the standard fare offered up in the genre. It's a record about respect, love and positivity, on top of tackling many of the tough social issues of the day. Kicking off with the "love song to society" title track, the record does not let up but, in these trying times, that's exactly what we need.
Musically, much of the record features lush arrangements that have that "something for everyone" vibe. Voss's hard-edged and weathered vocals are well supported by backup singers, pedal steel guitars and fiddles, but the true workhorse is the lead guitar work that shines through at just the right times. The quality production of Murray Pulver (Bros Landreth, Doc Walker, Crash Test Dummies) at Touchwood and Sign Post Studios is very evident throughout.
As a whole, Come Along With Me plays to the strengths of Voss's songwriting partnership with Dean Kush, who features on four of the record's tracks. Ironically, however, the obvious highlight of the album is the midtempo, tongue-in-cheek stomper "Some People," which was written with fellow country singer Mike Plume.
At the end of the day, after a long and arduous year cooped up in a hospital bed for a back surgery in 2017, Voss has definitely back in full force with a work that is an enjoyable trek for both the hardcore and casual country fan alike.

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