J.J. Paradise Players Club J.J. Paradise Players Club

While the splintering of the mighty Unsane may have signalled a terrible blow for noise rock aficionados the world over, Chris Spencer (guitarist/vocals), with the help of bassist Dave Curran, wasted no time in throwing the able-bodied Cutthroats 9 into the breach in a desperate attempt to staunch the bleeding. And while CT9 willing picked-up where the Unsane legacy fell, J.J. Paradise Players Club is a different beast, but a no less fearsome one. Featuring Dave Curran (bass/vocals), ex-Glazed Baby Joe Hamilton (guitar/vocals) drummer James Paradise and Kiss It Goodbye alumni Eric Cooper, this four-song EP can be viewed as a collective sum of its parts, but it rocks in a way that distinguishes itself from its past and claims its own style. Recalling early Karma To Burn and Scissorfight, as well brief flirtations with the Unsane's signature sound, "Hog Jowel," this EP varies between all out metallic rock laced with Southern hostility, noise rock drones, hardcore punk throw-downs and brooding drones. Along with the three originals, there's a cover of the Big Boys' "No," all of which demonstrates that while the Players Club pedigree have quite the legacy to be measured against, they're well on their way. (Tee Pee)