JJ DOOM "Winter Blues" / "Rhymin Slang"

JJ DOOM 'Winter Blues' / 'Rhymin Slang'
We're but one week away from the release of DOOM and Jneiro Jarel's JJ DOOM LP, Key to the Kuffs, and the duo are delivering a couple more teaser tracks before the album officially drops.

First up is a BBC Radio 4 performance of "Winter Blues," a surprisingly serene track with a lax backbeat, Vince Guaraldi jazz piano, weepy strings and a singing saw. When not spitting, DOOM delivers a charmingly gruff and grizzled half-harmony on the hook. The studio track has yet to leak, so it's unclear if the album version plays as chill, but here's hoping it does.

"Rhymin Slang," meanwhile, juices up the tempo tenfold from "Winter Blues." A deep boom-bap backs the track, which is otherwise driven by skittery Knight Rider keys. DOOM gets kind of gross as he discusses bodily fluids, hitting the nail on the head when he describes a rival crew's vibe as "snottily putrid." Sick, dude.

As previously reported, Key to the Kuffs drops August 21 via Lex Records.