JJ DOOM "Guv'nor" (video)

JJ DOOM 'Guv'nor' (video)
Jneiro Jarel and DOOM's collaborative LP as JJ DOOM dropped this week, and the duo are further getting the word out about Key to the Kuffs by delivering a video for album highlight "Guv'nor." We had previously heard the track a while back, and lauded its "playful polyrhythmic samples of piano, brass and maybe a pan flute," and now you get to see the metal-faced villain spitting out his verses onscreen.

Split-screen technology continuously brings two DOOMs together and apart as they navigate an abandoned parking garage on foot and on BMX. It seems as if the dude's out of his Cosby-sweater phase and sports a crisp Adidas jacket and tan button-up shirt in the clip. He even jams a pair of shades into his mask's eyeholes.

DOOM may not technically be doing too much, but the rapper still cuts a compelling figure in the laid-back video. You can peep it down below.