Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers We Got It

Jimmy Thackery is a well-seasoned veteran who was weaned on Hendrix and Buddy Guy before spending his formative years as a tireless founding member of Washington, DC's Nighthawks and putting 14 years into perfecting their adrenalin-charged, Chicago-esque sound. Experiments with his R&B-flavoured Assassins led to his guitar-driven power trio the Drivers, best known for their tough love guitar pyrotechnics and roadhouse growl. This release aligns Thackery's talents to the grossly underexposed Muscle Shoals brilliance of the late Eddie Hinton, who is widely regarded as one of the South's premier white soul artists (writing hits for Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and the Staples,) together with some strong originals. As it turns out, Hinton's pedigree for great tunes, gritty vocals, irresistible rhythms and melodies serve as the perfect foil to Thackery's blistering bursts of grit'n'guitar. Thackery updates Hinton's standard measure of old-time Southern soul with such quality takes on "It's All Wrong But It's All Right," while powerful instrumentals like "Blues Dog Prowl" continue to exorcise Thackery's love of surf music. We Got It is a successful experiment that underlines the turn-on-a-dime tightness of Thackery and his Drivers and begins a spirited new chapter in an already impressive career. (Telarc)