Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers True Stories

Anybody with the nerve to tackle Roy Buchanan’s near-sacred “The Messiah Will Come Again” either has huge cojones or big talent. Thackery’s nine-minute tribute to his friend and mentor proves he has both. Tackling 11 tracks (nine originals) brandishing his tortured Telecaster, Thackery comes close to delivering his best work. The disc kicks off with a bold, boogie-like attack with “Got It Going On” that sounds smartly Little Feat-like, with Thackery’s slide approximating the late, great Lowell George. “Dancing with the Dawg” is another standout track, built upon a mesmerising, repetitive lick and a rhythmic snare as it weaves a mystical, bayou-esque tapestry — complete with dog barks. The original tracks make the most of Thackery’s smoky growl augmented by the fact that his band-mates of long standing know how to fit each song, seamlessly, around their leader, making the most of any shortcomings. Songs like “Blues Man on a Saturday Night” offer a jazzier take on slow, sweet blues boasting some of Thackery’s best guitar lines. “Baby’s got the Blues” boasts a tasteful duet as Reba Russell’s sultry vocals contrast perfectly with Thackery’s, as his solos cut just below the quake. A worthy record for those who like their blues guitars in big bites. And that’s a true story. (Telarc)