Jimi Hendrix's "Lost Weekend" to Be Immortalized in Film

Jimi Hendrix's 'Lost Weekend' to Be Immortalized in Film
One of the music world's most rumoured and potentially strange events will be captured by filmmaker R.H. Greene when he brings Jimi Hendrix's famed "lost weekend" to the big screen.

The film, which has the working title Slide, will go into production in 2010 and no actor has been announced to play the legendary musician.

If you're unfamiliar with guitarist's so-called "lost weekend," Hendrix was allegedly involved in a hoax kidnapping at the hands of his manager in September of 1969 when the singer reportedly disappeared for a weekend. There have also been claims that his manager was somehow involved in Hendrix's death. The film is a fictional recreation of the supposed disappearance, although Greene claims the kidnapping really happened.

"The main thing I hope people will understand is that although they may not have heard about this incident, it has been written of and spoken about for many, many years, including by Jimi himself if some of his closest associates can be believed," Greene told TwentyFourBit. "While we have to be speculative because no definitive version of the event exists, this takes it out of the realm of fiction for me. It's part of Jimi's story, and I think it offers an opportunity to show him fully but from a unique angle. That was my aim in writing it, and that's going to be my aim in making it."

Greene is best known for his sexploitation documentary Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies, but he also penned the book The True Memoirs of Count Dracula, which came out in September.

And while this particular Hendrix flick sounds more on the fictional side of the movie realm, as we told you back in August, there's also a second Hendrix film in the works in the form of a biopic which follows the famous musician's life and death.