JF Robitaille "Cry (To Keep from Laughing)" (video)

JF Robitaille 'Cry (To Keep from Laughing)' (video)
We called JF Robitaille's Rival Hearts a "lovely disc," and now the album cut "Cry (To Keep from Laughing)" has gotten its own music video.

The clip for this harmonized pop-rock song inserts Robitaille into the frame of Georges Méliès' short film Le Dirigeable fantastique ou le Cauchemar d'un inventeur from 1905. The description accompanying the video on YouTube explains, "This 'cross-century' collaboration is intended to show the breadth and endurance of Georges Méliès' outstanding and timeless visuals. Like the single itself, this music video is a collage of retro and modern sounds and imagery."

Rival Hearts is out through Sparks Music.