Jesus & Mary Chain To Release Box Set in September

Jesus & Mary Chain To Release Box Set in September
After hoards of delays, rumours and much patient waiting, Jesus & Mary Chain have finally spilled the details on their upcoming box set and its release date. Billboard has revealed the four-disc The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities will hit shops via Rhino on September 30, offering up a massive selection of previously unreleased tracks, demos and alternate song versions.

The box is presented in chronological order, with tracks stretching all the way back to the Psychocandy-era and going right up to 1998's Munki. The release comes equipped with the 20 rarities previously released on the 1998 comp Barbed Wire Kisses, along with a cassette-sourced 1983 recording of "Up Too High"; demos of "My Little Underground," "The Living End" and "Dirty"; alternate versions of "Never Understand" and "Coast to Coast"; and a whole pile of other goodies.

On the package front, Billboard reports Negative Thinking comes as a 6x10 gatefold shell and includes an 18x24 double-sided poster featuring artwork and a Jesus & Mary Chain family tree.

Here is the lengthy and impressive tracklisting to The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities:

Disc one:
1. "Up Too High"v 2. "Upside Down"
3. "Vegetable Man"
4. "Suck"
5. "Ambition"
6. "Just Out of Reach"
7. "Boyfriend's Dead"
8. "Head"
9. "Just Like Honey" (demo, October 1984)
10. "Cracked"
11. "Taste of Cindy" (acoustic)
12. "The Hardest Walk"
13. "Never Understand" (alternate)
14. "My Little Underground" (demo)
15. "The Living End" (demo)
16. "Some Candy Talking"
17. "Psychocandy"
18. "Hit"
19. "Cut Dead" (acoustic)
20. "You Trip Me Up" (acoustic)
21. "Walk and Crawl"

Disc two:
1. "Kill Surf City"
2. "Bo Diddle Is Jesus"
3. "Who Do You Love"
4. "Everything's Alright When You're Down"
5. "Shake"
6. "Happy When It Rains" (demo)
7. "Happy Place"
8. "F. Hole"
9. "Rider"
10. "On the Wall" (demo)
11. "Surfin' USA" (outtake)
12. "Here It Comes Again"
13. "Don't Ever Change"
14. "Swing"
15. "Sidewalking"
16. "Surfin' USA" (summer mix)
17. "Shimmer"
18. "Penetration"
19. "Break Me Down"
20. "Subway"
21. "My Girl"

Disc three:
1. "In the Black"
2. "Terminal Beach"
3. "Deviant Slice"
4. "I'm Glad I Never"
5. "Drop" (acoustic remix)
6. "Rollercoaster"
7. "Silverblade"
8. "Lowlife"
9. "Tower of Song"
10. "Heat"
11. "Guitarman"
12. "Why'd You Want Me"
13. "Sometimes"
14. "Teenage Lust" (acoustic version)
15. "Reverberation (Doubt)"
16. "Don't Come Down"
17. "Snakedriver"
18. "Something I Can't Have"
19. "Write Record Release Blues"
20. "Little Red Rooster"

Disc four:
1. "The Perfect Crime"
2. "Little Stars"
3. "Drop" (re-recorded version)
4. "I'm in With the Out Crowd"
5. "New York City"
6. "Taking It Away"
7. "Ghost of a Smile"
8. "Alphabet Street"
9. "Coast to Coast" (alternate take)
10. "Dirty Water" (alternate take)
11. "Till I Found You"
12. "Bleed Me"
13. "33 1/3"
14. "Lost Star"
15. "Hide Myself"
16. "Rocket"
17. "Easylife, Easylove"
18. "40,000K"
19. "Nineteen666"

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