Jessy Lanza "5785021"

Jessy Lanza '5785021'
Hyperdub has pushed Jessy Lanza's debut album Pull My Hair Back from its initially reported September 10 street date to September 17, but has sugar-coated the bad news by offering up a stream of the set's "5785021."

Culled from the album — co-written and co-produced with Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan — the track kicks off with a pitch-shifted intro, but soon switches to Lanza's breathy coos, which question why somebody's been playing her like a fool lately. Even so, she ultimately offers up her digits to the individual via a casual "call me" (spoiler: the track title is the area-codeless number in question).

Sonically, the track places Lanza's lilting falsetto alongside pillowy '80s synths, rapid-fire drum machine paps and diamond-sharp electronic ticks. You can sample the single down below.