Jessie Farrell Good, Bad & Pretty Things

Jessie Farrell's sophomore release, Good, Bad & Pretty Things, is a bright, up-tempo collection of tales about the usual country-tinged themes of love and heartache. But above all that, there's also a clear focus on finding inspiration and keeping oneself positive. "You Make Me Feel" is catchy as heck, full of girlish feelings of being in love. "Burn So Bright" is devoted to her brother, who died in 2001, while "Sober" is about seeing a relationship clearly. Luckily, the sassiness of "Nobody Says No" and acoustic pop feel of "Your Fantasy" prevent the record from becoming a redundant, overly optimistic and predictable record. Farrell does a good job of meeting the expectations set out by her debut, Nothing Fancy. Good, Bad & Pretty Things is proof she's grown as a vocalist and songwriter, something new and old fans will surely enjoy. (604)