Jessica Moss Unveils Sophomore Solo Album 'Entanglement'

Sample "Particles" from the Silver Mt. Zion member's latest LP
Jessica Moss Unveils Sophomore Solo Album 'Entanglement'
Thee Silver Mt. Zion's Jessica Moss is once again going solo for a new album of her own. Titled Entanglement, the full-length is due out on October 26 via Constellation.

The album marks the second solo album from Moss and follows 2017's Pools of Light.

A press release explains Entanglement like this:

Moss channels quantum theory as a metaphor for creating energetic connections through esoteric processes. Using violin (and occasionally, voice) as sound source, her compositions are set in motion like entangled particles — spinning, ricocheting, warping and stretching in extra-dimensional space.

"Particles," the magnificent 22-minute opus on Side One, is a stunning transmission of cosmos-level wonder, mystery and dread. Conjuring up sound as if from dark energy, the piece gradually humanises the void as a circling string theme develops then retracts to a single note, stretches space-time through a slowly developing drone, and clears a haunted celestial expanse for Moss to introduce hushed, keening vocal lines that layer one upon the other.

"Fractals" on Side Two is a work in four parts that unspools through various iterations of folk-inflected phrases, played on amplified violin, sampled in real-time, and redeployed in entwined pairings, echoes and cascades. Here, Moss wields the violin with a narrative intent perhaps more commonly associated with solo horn in the jazz tradition — the power of the single melodic line, the instrument as expressive analogue to human speech and voice.

In addition, Moss herself has shared a lengthy statement about the new album, and you can read that over here.

For a taste of what's in store, you can now hear an edit of "Particles" down below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist and a series of North American dates. Moss also has a series of UK and European dates coming up, and you can see those over here.

That's the album cover up above.


1. Particles
2. Fractals (Truth 1)
3. Fractals (Truth 2)
4. Fractals (Truth 3)
5. Fractals (Truth 4)

Tour dates:

09/28 Lasalle, QC - Centre communautaire Henri-Lemieux 
09/29 Peterborough, ON - Sadleir House
10/05 Montreal, QC - Centre Phi
10/26 Brooklyn, NY - Park Church Co-op
12/10 Ottawa, ON - General Assembly
12/11 Hamilton, ON - This Ain't Hollywood
12/12 Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle
12/13 Rock Island, IL - Rozz-Tox
12/14 Toronto, ON - The Burdock