Jessica Bailiff Jessica Bailiff

Toledo, OH, musician Jessica Bailiff most certainly escapes the law of singer-songwriter averages. In fact, she is beyond a musician; her art makes her a type of psychologist who digs deep into the emotional structures of humanity across the board and aurally fleshes out their essences to the forefront and monumentally captures them onto disc unlike any other. Her breathtaking third album of dreamy, unconventional, ambient surrealistic, whirly, minimal and dense pop-folk songs is perhaps left untitled, as it is so personal in nature that it doesn't require one, it is just Jessica Bailiff. And the lyrical openness of her songs alone is just as vast as the eerie and magical sounds she creates. "The songs actually come from a very subconscious place," says Bailiff, "they usually write themselves, almost as if someone puts them in my head and they then just sort of spill out." "Swallowed," the mesmerising first track about presenting oneself to an audience, is accompanied by low-lying heartbeat bass lines reminiscent of Sianspheric, and My Bloody Valentine-like stratospheric guitar drones. "It was written the day after the worst show I've ever played. I hadn't played in front of people for over a year and had developed a major case of stage fright; it handicapped me." "Hour Of the Traces" pulsates like a clock with non-linear capabilities, counting precious moments instead. "It is the love and time reference; it's about the first part of a relationship when all you want to do is spend time together. The world around you is virtually non-existent and there is never enough time to spend with the person you love." However, Jessica Bailiff's music possesses the ability to stop time completely when played. The rhythms and feelings it invokes are timeless and originates within the soul, breaking all boundaries along its path, thus allowing serenity and a peaked desire to explore the infinite pits of one's mind. (Kranky)