Jesse McReynolds & Charles Whitstein A Tribute to Brother Duets

Sweet, soulful harmonies are one of the most appealing attributes of the bluegrass tradition and one of the first things that draw new fans to this enchanting genre. Once you get your feet wet and you browse through the bluegrass canon, you will find that sibling harmonies are often some of the sweetest around. From the Monroe Brothers — the grandfathers of the bluegrass movement — to the Louvin Brothers and the Stanleys, throughout the last 60 years, brothers have been carriers of the bluegrass torch. Here, two surviving members of their own brother duet combine to pay homage to their gone, but not forgotten sibling singers, Jim McReynolds and Robert Whitstein. Grand Ole Opry member Jesse McReynolds and Charles Whitstein celebrate the close-harmony duet singing that is the signature sound of bluegrass music through a dozen duets. The disc opens with the sincere song "Gone, But Not Forgotten,” a tribute to Jesse’s brother. Other highlights include the Delmore Brothers’ "Blues Stay Away From Me,” the Louvin Brothers’ "When I Stop Dreaming” and one of the Monroe Brothers’ first recordings "What Would You Give.” The package also includes notes from McReynolds on the decisions behind choosing the disc’s songs. (Pinecastle)