Jesse Mac Cormack "Addict" (video)

Jesse Mac Cormack 'Addict' (video)
Jesse Mac Cormack is still basking in the glow of his recently released EP, and Exclaim! is ready to shine the spotlight on his brand new video for "Addict."
The clip details unhealthy relationships with pornography and, as director Frédérique Bérubé puts it, "the loneliness and loss of balance that provides."
"I have been through a porn addiction, like many others," Mac Cormack said in a statement. "I feel that it's important to express the pain it espouses. Too many men consider sex to be the way it is depicted in porn. But sexuality is more beautiful and true with love and tenderness."
See that message get translated onto the screen through the black-and-white images and projections in the "Addict" video below.
Once you've watched his latest video, be sure to head out and catch Mac Cormack live at his upcoming Toronto show at Burdock on December 8.

After the Glow is out now on Secret City Records.