Jeremy Jay Announces Two New Albums for 2010

Jeremy Jay Announces Two New Albums for 2010
Since releasing his debut album, A Place We Could Go, in 2008, L.A.-based songwriter Jeremy Jay has been wildly prolific. Besides the album's follow-up, Slow Dance, he also toured like a workhorse and dropped a number of singles. Now, he'll keep the momentum going with not one but two albums in 2010.

According to one of Jay's blog posts, 2010 will see the release of two albums: Splash and Dream Diary. At this point, little is known about Dream Diary, but Splash is slated for release by K Records on May 25.

Speaking with Dazed, Jay explained that the first of the two albums was conceived while living abroad.

"When I was in London, I kind of shut myself away and it was really inspiring," he explained. "It made me realize just how American I am; how much of that is in me. Splash comes from that thing of being away from somewhere and writing about it. It's a lot heavier sounding than other stuff I've done."

If that wasn't enough, Jay sets the bar impossibly high by likening the album to "Pavement meets Evol-era Sonic Youth played by Siouxsie Sioux." Now that's a record we want to hear!

While you await the arrival of these albums, Jay has gone ahead and posted ten new tracks on his MySpace, taking selections from both albums. It's not that big a deal for a guy who probably wrote three or four songs in the time it took to write and post this news story.


1. "As You Look Over the City"

2. "Just Dial My Number"

3. "Splash"

4. "It Happened Before Our Time"

5. "A Sliver of a Chance"

6. "Hologram Feather"

7. "This is Our Time"

8. "Someday Somewhere"

9. "Why is This Feeling So Strong?"

Dream Diary:

1. "Out on the Highway"

2. "Caught in a Whirl"

3. "By the Rivers Edge"

4. "Secret Sounds"

5. "In The Times"

6. "Shayla"

7. "The Days of Casting Clouds Away"

8. "Its just a Walk in the Park"

9. "Our only Lite's a Flashlite"

10. "Whispers of the Heart"

11. "The Dream Diary Kids"

12. "Wild Orchids"

13. "The Man on the Mountain"