Jeremy Jay

"Sentimental Expressway"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 26, 2013

Sadly, while Jeremy Jay's new Abandoned Apartments landed this week overseas, a pressing plant issue has pushed the North American edition on K Records into next year. To make up for it, though, Jay is streaming an album cut called "Sentimental Expressway."

The previously hinted-at '80s goth-pop sound of the upcoming LP is evident in the track's chilly synth sounds, gloomy guitar textures and cavernous drum machine claps. Jay, meanwhile, gets mopey during a nocturnal journey and compares life to a bouquet of wilting flowers.

It's a tuneful bum-out, and you can stream the song down below.

A single release of "Sentimental Expressway" officially drops October 1, while his Abandoned Apartments now goes up for sale January 24.

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