Jeremih Allegedly Had a Lookalike Perform a Live Show

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Dec 2, 2016

Currently on the road with Partynextdoor as part of the "Summer's Over" tour, Jeremih was set to open one of the tour's final five dates in Dallas last night (December 1). However, many in attendance don't believe they saw the R&B singer at all, alleging that he sent a lookalike to perform in his place.

After the opening set took place, concertgoers took to Twitter to call the artist out. "That fake @Jeremih they brought out in Houston wore a hoodie & hat the whole show sliding from his fans like Usher," wrote user @_AlexisCharles before saying "that performance was trash." User @LifeAintBreezy felt "extremely disappointed in that imposter they brought on stage."

Bossip reports that the working relationship between the two touring partners has been testy of late, with Jeremih believing he should be billed as co-headliner rather than an opening act. The alleged stunt could also stem from a tour performance in Chicago on November 29, in which Jeremih dropped his mic and stormed offstage after having his set cut as a result of going over his time limit.

"Truth is 'they' didn't want me 2 perform tonight," he tweeted afterwards. "It sad people will take ur money and blatantly make it seem like I only want to do 2 songs."

Of course, if the imposter allegations are true, Jeremih wouldn't be the first artist to try and pull such a stunt. More famously, MF DOOM sent doubles to perform live shows, saying that he looked and sounded different as a result of weight loss. It was later confirmed by his road manager that the stand-ins were sent intentionally.

Watch some fan-shot footage and reaction of the performance in question below. 

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