J'envoie J'envoie

Instrumental music might just be the hardest genre to put into words. It shifts and morphs so easily that it’s hard to get all the subtleties and vision across using the usual genre classifications of "post-rock” or "art rock.” This debut EP comes from a Gatineau, QC foursome and though short of time, it still holds a surprising amount of variety and electricity. Though "Factory of Light (Bombardments)” has the usual bass-driven beat and syncopated drums, there’s a vibe that meets jazz and post-rock head on, and could possibly be compared to some of Jaga Jazzist’s work. This is highlighted through the strong use of piano and organ, like on "Miami Stud.” Throughout this debut, it’s pretty apparent that J’envoie have a strong creative itch and their Rorschach test compositions highlight that. Hopefully this is the start of many good things to spring forth from these restless musicians. (Sulpont)