Jens Lekman Says 'I Know What Love Isn't' on New Album

Jens Lekman Says 'I Know What Love Isn't' on New Album
Long-running Swede popster Jens Lekman broke a four-year silence when he released An Argument With Myself, a five-song EP, last fall. Thankfully, we don't have to wait another four years for new material, as the songsmith has just revealed details for a new full-length album.

The release is called I Know What Love Isn't, and is described in a press release as featuring "an economical palette of sounds," meaning the album "has strings but not a string section, an upright piano not grand, a single saxophone, gracenotes from a flute, a lot of tambourine."

Thematically, the write-up explains that the album features "a collection of songs that grew to a story that had to be told. A story that is not new, but essentially human. The story of the grey areas of love that you have to excavate and explore, using the method of exclusion, to find out what love is."

The album will drop on September 4 via Secretly Canadian. A tracklisting is available below, along with a stream of album track "Erica America."

I Know What Love Isn't:

1. Every Little Hair Knows Your Name
2. Erica America
3. Become Someone Else's
4. Some Dandruff on Your Shoulder
5. She Just Don't Want to be With You Anymore
6. I Want a Pair of Cowboy Boots
7. The World Moves On
8. The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love
9. I Know What Love Isn't
10. Every Little Hair Knows Your Name