Jens Lekman Returns with New EP

Jens Lekman Returns with New EP
After promising a new EP and album at the beginning of the year, Jens Lekman had yet to deliver any firm release details on either. But at long last, the indie-popping Swede has made good on his promise by announcing a new EP called An Argument with Myself to keep us waiting for his eventual new album.

The press release for the EP points to an interview with Lekman, where he describes how the the five-track offering came to fruition. He describes the project with the following statement:

I was working on an album. I wasn't really planning to put out an EP, but I came across this dilemma. I really loved these songs, and I thought they were great, but they just didn't seem to fit the mood of the record. And they seemed to be the songs that people enjoyed the most when I played them live, so I decided that they belonged together on an EP, sort of like a little taste of what's not to come.

Lekman continues by giving a breakdown of each song on the record. The whole interview, along with some U.S. tour dates, can be found here.

An Argument with Myself will be released on September 20 via Secretly Canadian, dropping a day earlier in Europe. The tracklisting is available below.

An Argument with Myself:

 1. "An Argument with Myself"
2. "Waiting for Kirsten"
3. "A Promise"
4. "New Directions"
5. "So This Guy at My Office"