Jeff King Vice President of Member Operations for SOCAN

Jeff King joined SOCAN in 2001 following a stint in the insurance industry; he's served as the Vice President of Member Services since 2005.

I don't have a record deal, but my songs get played on campus radio. Should I join SOCAN or wait until I have a record deal?
You should join SOCAN as a member once a work of yours has been performed publicly or communicated to the public.

Can I get royalties for a song that I registered with SOCAN after it got played on radio?
Yes, it is possible to earn royalties if a work has been registered after it airs on radio, depending on when the work took place and whether it was logged. SOCAN recommends that members register all works receiving radio airplay as soon as possible. With online registration available to our members at, it's easier than ever to register your works at a moment's notice.

How does SOCAN figure out how much money my song earned in performance royalties?
It depends on many variables, including the type of performance, frequency of performances, monies available for distribution, etc. To find out more, visit pub_HowYourMusicMakesMoney.pdf.

My band's demo is getting a lot of play on a local internet station. Does SOCAN collect royalties from the internet?
Not yet. A decision by the Copyright Board setting the tariff for performances and telecommunication via the internet (Tariff 22), which was first filed by SOCAN in 1996, is still pending.

I don't have a publishing deal, so what happens to the publishers' share of performance royalties?
The publisher's share would go to the writer(s).

One of my songs got on the soundtrack of a Japanese TV show. Will I get a royalty cheque for that?
As long as SOCAN has received accurate information regarding this performance (i.e., the name of the song actually broadcast in the show, a corresponding authorised cue sheet, the song has been registered by the member or the publisher, etc.), a member can expect payment for this type of performance.

What else does SOCAN do?
Aside from administering the performing right for its 80,000-plus members, SOCAN ensures that licence fees for its approved tariffs are collected from its 48,000-plus customers (everything from radio stations to music on hold to karaoke). SOCAN also works alongside other music industry and cultural associations to ensure that the rights of its members are protected and that they are properly compensated for the public performance and communication of their works. To find out more about SOCAN, please visit our website at, call our Information Centre at 1-888-307-6226 or drop by our booth at Canadian Music Week's TuneUp conference.