JEFF the Brotherhood Slate We Are the Champions for "Early 2011"

JEFF the Brotherhood Slate <i>We Are the Champions</i> for 'Early 2011'
Nashville, TN-based brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have been pummelling audiences with their melodic, unique take on barebones garage pop since they started JEFF the Brotherhood in 2005. Since then, the duo have dropped countless singles, many of which are long out-of-print, as well as their 2009 LP, Heavy Days. Next year, the group will continue their winning streak with a new album.

AsBrooklynVegan reports, the new LP is called We Are the Champions and features 11 new tracks from the brotherly rockers. The album will be out in "early 2011." Technically, that could really mean anytime between January and June, but we're hoping it falls in the first few months, especially after hearing dynamic mid-paced rocker "Diamond Way." Check out the song here.

The tracklisting for We Are the Champions was leaked via JEFF the Brotherhood's blog earlier this week. While the track title "Bummer" suggests some heavier themes, it's quickly gobbled up by positive-sounding songs like "Shredder," "Ripper," "Mellow Out" and "Stay Up Late."

We Are the Champions will be released by the group's Infinity Cat Records. According to the band's MySpace page, they're also planning a "secret" split seven-inch, some clandestine collaborations and other surprises. All in all, 2011 looks to be a good year for the Brotherhood.

We Are the Champions:

1. "Hey Friend"

2. "Cool Out"

3. "Bummer"

4. "Shredder"

5. "Diamond Way"

6. "Endless Fire"

7. "Ripper"

8. "Mellow Out"

9. "Stay Up Late"

10. "Health and Strength"

11. "Wastoid Girl"