Jean-Michel Blais Announces Sophomore LP 'Dans ma main'

He's also unveiled the title track from the upcoming album
Jean-Michel Blais Announces Sophomore LP 'Dans ma main'
Jean-Michel Blais has revealed plans for his sophomore album. Titled Dans ma main, it will arrive on May 11 via Arts & Crafts.
It marks the full-length follow-up to the composer/pianist's 2016 debut Il, though Blais did subsequently release sheet music and an expanded vinyl version of the record. He also collaborated with CFCF on the joint EP Cascades.
Dans ma main hears Blais continuing to hone his unique knack for blending post-classical composition with IDM. The album was composed primarily over the course of one week of "open exploration" and improvisation — a decidedly different approach to the two-year writing process behind Il.
The upcoming LP features previously shared tracks "blind" and "roses," and now Blais has debuted the title track, as well.
The track's title ("in my hand" in English) was taken from a Hector de Saint-Denys poem that addresses both the writer's solitude and everybody else's universality.
"Beside fallen, empty, lost and distant incertitudes, the beginning of all presences, the first step of any company, lays broken in my hand," Blais explained in a press release. "Like pieces of an unclear puzzle, a melting mirror, hope lays right there, into our singular hands, with which we love, we fail, we pray, we steal, we give, we try, we pay, we pluck, we muff, we scratch, we touch, we play, we hold each other's hands."
Scroll past the complete Dans ma main tracklisting to hear the title tune below.
Dans ma main:
1. forteresse
2. roses
3. outsiders
4. dans ma main
5. blind
6. god(s)
7. igloo
8. sourdine
9. a heartbeat away
10. chanson