JD Era "Change" (ft. LOKZ) (video)

JD Era 'Change' (ft. LOKZ) (video)
Now that Toronto-based rapper JD Era has inked a deal with Raekwon's H20 Records, he's getting back to rolling out the goods. This includes making an appearance on the newly released The New North comp by Toronto radio show The Real Frequency. For the collection, JD lent his track "Change," which has now been given some video treatment.

Down below you can watch the clip, which the press release states "matches the call-to-arms consciousness" of the track. The PR also had this to say about the video's plot: "The message of the track is reflected in the video's main character: an Average Joey, a typical kid just trying to get by without getting bogged down by life's obstacles. While dodging everyday evils like girl problems, bullies, and drugs, he finds solace in his headphones that contain LOKZ' soulful hook and JD Era's inspiring lyrics."

Check it out for yourself below, and grab the Real Frequency's The New North comp here. 

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