Jay Z & Beyoncé "Forever Young" / "Halo" ('On the Run' clip)

Jay Z & Beyoncé 'Forever Young' / 'Halo' ('On the Run' clip)
Jay Z and Beyoncé have once again deigned to give us mere mortals a glimpse into their fabulous life as pop music's reigning king and queen. Their HBO On the Run special aired over the weekend, but fans who missed it can still watch the duo's closing performance.

Hov and Bey deliver a larger-than-life medley of "Forever Young" and "Halo" to close out the world tour in front of their Parisian audience. Looking and sounding flawless, the couple is backed by a montage of home videos and a sea of fans who are more than happy to follow Jay's instructions to light up the stadium.

It's over-the-top, cheesy as hell, and totally amazing. Watch it below.