Jay Reatard Relaunches Shattered Records, Reissues Everything!

Jay Reatard Relaunches Shattered Records, Reissues Everything!
No matter how you look at it, it's a good day to be a Jay Reatard fan. Last night, the Memphis garage rocker relaunched his Shattered Records imprint and set up a new digital storefront where you can buy basically everything the guy has ever released.

Over at Shattered's website, there are about 20 albums up for grabs, including Reatard's various output as the Reatards, Terror Visions, Final Solutions, Lost Sounds, Bad Times, etc. He also has the new digital release Greatest Messes, a comp that collects a bunch of his pre-Jay Reatard material, and he also has some news records by other artists in the works as well.

When Exclaim! asked Reatard about Shattered last April, he said: "It's kinda been dormant for the last year. But I'm putting out a tenth anniversary edition of the first Reatards album, and then I'm putting out Tokyo Electron, who used to be in the Reatards, his new band. I'm travelling so much now that I get to see so many new bands. And I have a new guy distributing and manufacturing stuff for me, so I'll be able to just pick the bands now instead of packing up everything with bubble wrap and that shit."

And while there is no sign yet of that Tokyo Electron, there is a ton of other stuff. In May, Shattered is putting out the debut solo effort by Cheap Time's Jeffrey Novak and will rope in artists like Chris "Tall Dwarfs" Knox, Box Elders, Nobunny, Hunx, Useless Eaters and Earthmen & Strangers to contribute to the Shattered Single Series, which will be made up of six digital singles/limited-edition seven-inches (500 copies each).

And if your wallet can handle it, for $75 a year you can join the Shattered Records Club, which will give you an expanded edition of Greatest Messes, Reatard's forthcoming Matador album (due in August), two exclusive seven-inches, T-shirt, all six Single Series releases, and a bunch of other goodies throughout the year. Also, if you join up to Reatard's mailing list, he'll send you an MP3 for the new track "You're Gonna Lose."

Seriously, there's never been a better time to get totally Reatarded.

Greatest Messes:

1. The Reatards: "Break Down"
2. The Reatards: "Stacye"
3. The Reatards: "I'm So Gone"
4. Lost Sounds: "I Get Nervous"
5. Nervous Patterns: "Not Living in a Modern World"
6. Lost Sounds: "Better Than Somethings"
7. Lost Sounds: "Plastic Skin"
8. Destruction Unit: "Race Time"
9. Final Solutions: "In a Coma"
10. The Reatards: "Bummer Bitch"
11. Lost Sounds: "I Don't Count" (outtake from first 7", March 1999)
12. The Reatards: "Sick When I See"
13. Terror Visions: "World of Shit"
14. Lost Sounds: "Frozen in Time"
15. Final Solutions: "I See You on a Path"